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Rehabilitation, physiotherapy and hydro therapy

This service is run by Brid Walsh ACPAT who has extensive experience in both human and veterinary physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy is invaluable for management of obesity, osteoarthritis and following orthopaedic surgery.

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  • Rehabilitation after surgery e.g. cruciate disease or fracture repair

  • Joint conditions

  • Muscle, tendon and ligament strain/tears

  • Neurological conditions (post operatively and conservative rehabilitation)

  • Reluctance to play or exercise

  • Unusual behaviour

  • Lameness

  • Obesity


The rehabilitation service is run independently by Brid at her purpose fitted facility in Inverness where she has recently installed an underwater treadmill for the provision of hydrotherapy. This carefully controlled weight supporting environment provides support to the skeleton and muscles at all points in the rehabilitation process and can radically improve recovery rates and eventual function. It is likely that your animal will benefit from both physiotherapy and hydrotherapy in their recovery process.

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